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Working with Web workers in HTML5

Web workers are one of the most awaited feature of entire HTML 5 specifications. Generally if we think of, the current environment is actually turning towards multicore machines. Today, its verbally every computer has at least 2 cores installed in their machine. Browser are well capable of producing multiple threads that can run in parallel […]

Using ReaderWriterLock over Monitor for Thread Locking

If you are looking for Multi-Threaded application, you must have already tried our very old lock statement (synclock in VB.NET). The lock statement is the most common practice to make certain block of code Thread safe or in other words, it blocks all other Thread from entering the block which one thread is actually executing. […]

What is the use of IsBackground property of Thread?

In any programming language that supports multi-tasking (which is supported by most of the modern languages) Threads are the most important part (tool). We use threads to run something which does not need user interaction and which runs in parallel with the normal operations by the user. In C#, a special class is provided which […]