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RowNumber in Select Query

It is a common issue of many of the guys on how we can fetch a record based on its record number. It is really easy to get first 10 records using But when we want to fetch records in such a way say I need to fetch record from 40 to 50. This comes […]

Use Visual Studio Server Explorer to Add New or Existing SQL Server CE Database

SQL CE is a free, embedded, lightweight  database engine that enables easy database storage. This does not required any installation and runs in memory. Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Came up with nice tooling support for SQL Server CE. We can add a SQL CE Data base using Add New Item option from Solution Explorer Context […]

Common Table Expressions

If you think only .NET languages are the only thing that is getting evolved day by day while SQL Syntaxes remains constant, you might have to think it again. SQL Server is gradually coming with evolution day by day with some alternative syntaxes of writing SQL Statements to make more complex SQL statements easier to […]

How to calculate Session data size for SQL Server session mode?

SQL Server use ASPState database to store the session information for SQL Server Session mode. ASPState database having two tables ASPStateTempApplications and ASPStateTempSessions. ASPStateTempApplications  table contains Application ID and Application Name which is specific to each and every application which are using SQL Server session mode on the particular database. ASPStateTempSessions table having numbers of […]