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How to Create an Attached Properties in WPF

Well, attached properties, just like normal properties are an object of Dependency Property, but with a very special point embedded into it. Even though the attached properties can only be added to a class which inherits from DependencyObject and also the property where it is attached to should also be a dependency property itself, an Attached property in… Read More »

How to use Application Bar in windows 8

Application bar is one of the interesting feature for any Metro style applications. Application bar allows you to define standard set of options that your application needs to use at certain context. Metro style applications are generally very clean and does not have any visual portion sharing between toolbars or application options. The app bar is the options… Read More »

What are Charms and how to use them

Amongst several features of Windows 8, Charms is one of the interesting feature that allows the user to interact with the device. As I have already told you, Metro style applications take up the whole screen, the thing that you can see for every app is Charms. Charms are context sensitive and can be modified based on Declarations… Read More »

Introduction to Metro UI in Windows8

As technology progresses, we, being on the eco-system of Microsoft is continuously getting more and more updates in terms of technology, both in pipeline of actual technology update as well as User interface improvements. User Interface plays a key role for any application. Even though how good your application performs, if the application UI is not good, it… Read More »

Application State, Suspension and Termination of Apps in WinRT

WinRT application model is completely different than the existing application models. The Metro style applications are meant to work differently with least user intervention on the apps. So the user for the Metro application does not need to close the application ever. The operating system takes care of memory constraint and suspend the application or even terminate the… Read More »