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How to Implement Drag and Drop in Windows Universal Apps ?

Using Drag and Drop is a common requirement for  app developers. Drag and drop has been added to the list view in Windows 8.1, but it was limited to the List View control where the items inside the List View can be dragged, dropped and re ordered. But it was not available for any external UIElement. In […]

Inter App Communication – How to communicate between two Windows Universal Apps ?

Communicating between Apps is one of the important factor that developers needs to take care of. This could be done via some services , background process like what we have seen in our previous post How to create App Service communication in Windows Universal Apps.  In this post we will see how to communicate from one Windows […]

How to create App Service communication in Windows Universal Apps.

App Service is a way to communicate between universal apps where one app can communicate with the other app’s background task. The user don’t even know that the app is using some other app’s background task to complete its operation. It is similar to using a web service where the user send the data to the […]

Adding Toast Notification to your new Windows Universal App created from an existing web app.

Adding Toast Notification to an App is very common requirement. In one our previous post you have seen How to create a universal windows app form the existing web app. In this post lets see how to add the toast notification to the web app which gets triggers only when the web app is used […]