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Windows Simulator has detected that you have saved a Windows Credential- Windows Store App Deployment Error in Simulator

“Windows Simulator has detected that you have saved a Windows Credential …”  error dialog is very common when you try to deploy and run any Windows Store app in Windows Simulator.  This error message indicate there is already one entry in the Credential manager, which is preventing the simulator to start. The quick solution of […]

Automatically uninstall and then reinstall Windows 8.1 App package while start debugging

When you start debugging by using F5, Visual Studio builds and deploys the app in a respective packages in the local storage, and then starts the app. If you stop  the debugging, you can run the app from installed location or if you execute it from Visual Studio again, Visual Studio just update the packages […]

Getting the Item container corresponding to the selected item in XAML – Windows Store App

While building Apps using XAML, in many instances you may encounter this problem where you need to get an access for the container element from an ItemControl elements. For an example, you have GridView Control, and which has some grouped element as part of Item DataTemplate. If you handle only the GridItemClick event with command […]