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Top 10 Most Popular .NET Tips of the Year

Here are the 10 most popular tips  of the year 2015 at Daily .NET Tips,  based on the number of times they were viewed and shared by the readers.  In the year of 2015 , the topic covers mainly with Visual Studio, C#, XAML, Windows Universal Apps, and Application Insights.

This Month on Daily .NET Tips

January 2014 was quite interesting  for daily .net tips.  In this post I am going to highlight couple of interesting facts and statistics about the site through the month of January. My objective behind this post is to share a quick glance to all of you, on what and how we are doing with this site. In fact… Read More »

Setting Default Global Timeout for Regular expressions

In my previous post, I mentioned about the capability of specifying a Timeout while executing a Regular expression. Sometimes, when your application is totally developed, and it would be a heck to change every single code which uses regular expression to specify a timeout. Sometimes the Regular expression is parsed inside an external assembly. In such cases, you… Read More »