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Top 10 Most Popular .NET Tips of the Year

Here are the 10 most popular tips  of the year 2015 at Daily .NET Tips,  based on the number of times they were viewed and shared by the readers.  In the year of 2015 , the topic covers mainly with Visual Studio, C#, XAML, Windows Universal Apps, and Application Insights.

This Month on Daily .NET Tips

January 2014 was quite interesting  for daily .net tips.  In this post I am going to highlight couple of interesting facts and statistics about the site through the month of January. My objective behind this post is to share a quick glance to all of you, on what and how we are doing with this […]

Workstation GC Vs Background GC

Well, there has been a confusion around the developer community on the differences between the Workstation GC which is by default recommended for standalone machines which targets one single CPU Core and the Background GC which provides multicore execution of Garbage Collections. In general aspect first let us consider how the Workstation is different from […]

Timeout in Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are common forms of parsing a document and get meaning. It has been very popular and most of the people do use it regularly to solve their complex problems. Being a developer, I use them very often. But there is a catch on using a regular expression. Regular expression gives you a chance […]