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“Explore Related Telemetry Trends” in Application Insight Search Window inside Visual Studio

The Application Insights Trends tool in Visual Studio can analyze the data from the different set of telemetry types, time range and group by them in to different category.  The quickest ways to launch the Telemetry Trends tool is from  the solution explorer, under ApplicationInsights.config , select “Explore Telemetry Trends” or even we can launch […]

Using CodeLens to display the Application Insights Exception Telemetry in Visual Studio

You can now leverage the CodeLens to display the Exception telemetry inside Visual Studio. Application Insights Exception details now can be accessible and display via CodeLens in Visual Studio. As long as you are connected with Application Insights, the CodeLens exception indicator will display the count of exception and details for each method over the […]

Interactive Analytics for Application Insights

Analytics is another powerful and new feature of Application Insights that can help you to apply advanced search over collected telemetry data from your application.  The data return by the query could be tabular or a graphical representation and can be understand very easily. This can help us searching for very specific set of data […]

“Related Items” in Application Insight Search Window inside Visual Studio

The recent updates of Visual Studio 2015 brings several improvement for Application Insights tool for Visual Studio. One of such improvement is “quickly see all the telemetry events associated with the event”.  Now, in Application Insight Search Window, additional to the event details we have an option called “Related Items”. This tab contains a pre-defined […]

Getting an Application Insights Instrumentation Key inside Visual Studio itself

Instrumentation Key is the key integration point between your application and the Application Insights.  This key is essential for sending the application telemetry data back to azure. If you create the Application Insights directly using Visual Studio; Visual Studio takes care of linking between your application and the key. If you create the Application Insights […]