Persisting the “Find All References” results in Visual Studio 2017

By | April 6, 2017

The Find All Reference Window in Visual Studio 2017 comes with brand new flavor. Starting from Syntax Colorization, grouping the results based on several categorizations such as Project, definition etc. and along with code snippet preview. You can even set the context of reference such as Entire Solution, Current Project etc.

Find All Reference - Visual Studio 2017

Fig: Find All References Window in Visual Studio 2015

Above all these, one of the interesting feature that you may overlooked is “persisting the current findings” by locking the results. The “Keep Results” buttons in the reference toolbar can holds the current findings and subsequent results would appear in a new tab.

Keep Results

Fig: Keep Find Reference Results

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Find All Reference - Multiple Items Visual Studio 2017

Fig: Find Reference with multiple search results

With this you can holds the references and navigate within them back and forth.

Hope this helps !

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